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Dynamically Loading Python Classes

The design for our fault injection framework has required the writing of a suite class which loads in other defined case classes located in their own directory. This means we need to fill a list in the suite class with case classes defined somewhere else. After doing some research we found a few me...

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Date: Oct 12 2015

Designing a Fault Injection Framework

Over at CDOT we have another phase of the log centralization project that involves producing a fault injection framework. This framework should be:

  1. Modular, such that different faults and fault cases can be applied simply
  2. Cross platform, such that this framework can be run from Windows or Lin...
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Date: Oct 02 2015

Performing Bulk Operations on Elasticsearch Databases

Elasticsearch is a powerful database technology that uses unique ideas with its restful API for queries. However when it comes to updating and reindexing Elasticsearch has no built in functionality for performing these operations in bulk. This means to do tasks like this one must make their own scr...

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Date: Aug 25 2015

Optimizing Logstash Performance

Logstash has a wide array of powerful filters, from the ones shipped with it to community maintained plugins. However, Logstash's speed can be compromised when these filters are not used properly. I encountered this problem while performance testing a setup we've been working on for a CRM company....

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Date: Aug 20 2015

Manually Copying User Profiles in Windows

While working on generating Windows base boxes with Vagrant, I encountered a problem early on. I had created an account with my name by accident to install all the requisite software I wanted to bundle with the base box. This proved annoying, as I would need the exact same setup of this account f...

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Date: Jul 31 2015