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Elasticsearch Performance Tuning

Working as a performance investigation developer at my company using ELK for monitoring a 5 server system constantly shows high traffic load to our Elasitcsearch cluster. Near the beginning of my tenure as a developer I was constantly troubleshooting seemingly random node toppling and incredibly sl...

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Date: February 22nd at 1:14pm

Running Windows CMD and Batch Scripts from Java

A couple of weeks ago I hit a problem at work that would require calling an external program from Java. Essentially I needed to run a Windows batch script from within a program, so I decided I would make a boilerplate for Java Runtimes and add it to the company development library such that nobody...

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Date: September 23rd at 11:54am

Hosting Multiple Domains Off One Apache Server With No Virtual Hosts

Note: I don't use this scheme for my webhosting anymore, but I'll leave this here as a fun facts article

It's been awhile, blog! Things got hectic and you got pushed to the side for a little while. I've graduated and gotten a job since my last post!

Anyways, when it comes to hosting Apache ser...

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Date: June 27th at 12:34pm

Dynamically Loading Python Classes

The design for our fault injection framework has required the writing of a suite class which loads in other defined case classes located in their own directory. This means we need to fill a list in the suite class with case classes defined somewhere else. After doing some research we found a few me...

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Date: October 12th at 1:17pm

Designing a Fault Injection Framework

Over at CDOT we have another phase of the log centralization project that involves producing a fault injection framework. This framework should be:

  1. Modular, such that different faults and fault cases can be applied simply
  2. Cross platform, such that this framework can be run from Windows or Lin...
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Date: October 2nd at 1:19pm